Watch A Movie HD DAREDEVIL Season 3 Offical Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix TV Show HD

>>Watch DAREDEVIL Season 3 Offical Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix TV Show HD Here<<<

DAREDEVIL Season 3 Offical Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix TV Show HD
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  1. Oh God @marvel let their actually be super heroing, like can we move past and origin story, and get into training with the book of ironfist, see the pages light up with the ink of chi, when the ironfist channels his energy onto the pages, please don't make the book, a MacGuffin. It's time to actually show case the iron fist. Please end the monologuing. God bless, big fan, of everything just need you to focus more on the actual moves, and let him talk about the name of the move, and the applications and properties of move, don't know if you guys notice, but in video games, they scream out words. Now, moves can be discussed thru debriefing in missions, so allies can act accordingly. How else do defender's fight without hurting each other?

  2. SOOOOO Hyped for the next season. After that amazing and famous stairwell fight, you know they will raise the bar further!
    I am also going to predict that Fisk, Davos and Shades will somehow cross paths in prison before Fisk gets out. I hope so anyway – that would be a great set-up for an epic crossover of villains!

  3. Comes back after being gone…Jessica still don't care, Luke is "King of Harlem" and Danny can't fight anymore or make up his mind bout the damn iron fist… all the man asked was that they protect his city… petty ass heros for hire smh
    I jus hope they don't feminize this show like they did wit Iron Lady Fist

  4. Defenders was great, but it would’ve been so much better if thy had added frank. They teased a cameo from him saying “guess I got here just in time.” But he wasn’t even mentioned at all during the defenders, which I feel was a huge bust. He could’ve been used in so many scenes! I.e when they had to gather everyone they were close too, frank could’ve picked up Karen or saved her from someone from the hand like daredevil saved Jessica and Trish in the dinner scene. They could’ve also made frank the one to call out Matt on his relationship with elektra sayin something like “Say red, I know I’m a little batshit, but I could’ve sworn last time I saw that dangerous gal she had a goddamn knife in her chest.”…… so many opportunities.😪 regardless, I’ve enjoyed every single Netflix marvel show (except Luke Cage season 1, it lacked action) and I hope daredevil season 3 has a mini defenders thing.

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