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Official “Death Note” Movie Teaser Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Nat Wolff Movie #Trailer | Release: 25 Aug 2017 | More
A bright student named Light stumbles across a mystical notebook that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes in it. He decides to launch a secret crusade to rid the streets of criminals. Soon, the student-turned-vigilante finds himself pursued by a famous detective known only by the alias L.

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#DeathNote is the new horror movie by Adam Wingard, starring Nat Wolff, Willem Dafoe and Keith Stanfield. The script was written by Jeremy Slater.

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  1. I love that actor but seriously a horrible fucking choice, I was hoping hey maybe its a totally different dude but as soon as I saw Kira I died inside, WTF ITS JAPANESE FIRST OF ALL, which I can get past but for real? The dude looks terrible for Kira, Kira was a prodigy, he was everything anyone could want, Perfect athlete, Perfect Student, Perfect Son, Perfect In general(And lets admit the ending should've been going with that not that stupid shit we got)  This looks like some stupid turn of the century teenage angst bullshit the dude looks like that kid that leaves 3rd period to go smoke in the bathroom and writes on the wall about his feelings, I swear I got way too hopeful with great remakes like Kong. welp like if you agree and tell me how you feel about it.

  2. Light looks like my classmate who skips school every day and smokes, Misa looks like that one smart heroine from any trilogy and don't even get me started on L.

  3. OH HELL NO !!!!!!!
    Light YAGAMI is now a blond guy and Misa is a pompom girl ………………..NICE !!!!!!!!!

  4. seems like ya.ll running outta ideas, making movie from the anime. this will be crap!! only way it won't be is if the japanese ppl actually were doing the movie. drop this shit and go make a thundercats movie

  5. This movie could be a total piece of shit, and I'd still watch it.
    Shame it's a Netflix movie, which is basically the equivalent of straight-to-DVD. If this was playing in theaters, I'd cosplay as Light while watching it.

  6. I have a small issue with L but I really don't like Light. He looks emo in this movie and in the anime and manga he looks very cute and handsome that anyone would fall for him, it doesn't really fit. Also with Misa she is the complete opposite of the anime and manga….sorry but when your a true death Note fan your gonna get triggered af

  7. Will you all just calm the fuck down. Give it a chance, the anime wasn't like the manga and this movie won't be like the anime. Just enjoy it and stop bitching so damn much

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