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When three working class kids were given scholarships to Spain’s most elite high school, they thought they were in for their big break. But when one of their classmates turns up dead, everyone is under question. Welcome to Las Encinas.

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Elite | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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  1. Don’t believe the hype guys. I watched the show because people in comments were saying it’s so good, where’s season 2. I rate it a 7 only because I watched it throughout but other than that I would have given it a 6.5. The characters are trash. I did not care for any of them except for two. They wanted me to feel for the main character but I couldn’t, she was a terrible person. If anyone wants to watch, it’s like how to get away with murder but worse with a bunch of horny, apparently, 16 year olds. This was not one of the best shows out there lol

  2. Not only does this TV series include Gays and muslims, they literally deal with SO MANY other controversial issues teens have and I love how I was ACTUALLY able to relate to the characters and feel their pain. 100000/10

  3. Nadia and Guzman really came for everyone's hearts. The producers need to make them ENDGAME. can we also talk about omar and ander because im living for them

  4. (Spoiler dont read if have not seen the WHOLE first season) The Ending to the first season was sad Interviews especially, Marina texted Nano after Samuel convinced her she would be better off and should stay instead of running off with Nano… Polo murdered Marina to gain one of the stolen watch's Nano took and Carla,Christian covered Polo's ass and kept quiet…. Polo coward-out towards the end and hid the fact he murdered Marina just so he could try to give take the stolen watch from Carla's father back to his ex Carla so she wouldn't reject him anymore just for Christian..then Christian took the trophy used to murder her and tossed it in the lake before Samuel came into contact with him and he didn't tell him the truth because he wanted to keep the relationship with Carla..Nadia and Guzman broke apart because Nadia was forbidden to see Guzman, Despite Lu's grudge at the end towards Marina.. she saved Guzman from suicide after Marinas death and took his affection back over Nadia and Nano basically got accused and arrested over the murder of Marina and was misunderstood as desperation in the text because Marina refused to run off with Nano and she died in his arms Nano and Marina understood each other the most and he payed the price for it ..damn.. 🙁

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