Watch A Movie HD Forever My Girl Official Trailer #1 (2017) Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe Romance Movie HD

>>Watch Forever My Girl Official Trailer #1 (2017) Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe Romance Movie HD Here<<<

Forever My Girl Trailer 1 (2017) Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe Romance Movie HD [Official Trailer]


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  1. You know that you like a movie,when you feel that you are living inside the the last scene,I realized that I was smiling.

  2. wtf is wrong with the comment section? This movie was heartwarming, really loved it and btw he'll find out he has a 7yo daughter which the trailer doesn't show and most of the story is about him getting to know his daughter and rebuilding his relationship with his father its not the chick flick u making it seem to be Lol ppl today are addicted to criticizing everything

  3. Fabulous movie, trailer cant defined it coz it is based on little things in life, you will enjoy each second of it. Must watch movie guys. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. I thinks the success of this movie is that all the main characters are not so famous. You would never find the love movie is so touching if you have seen the main characters many times in different movies. Of course, the Josie is so gorgeous and that is important.

    I thinks the story can be more logical and touching with the following modification:
    – It is not too logical for Liam the walk out on Josie in the Wedding day just because of a chance of career development. (I will make it that Liam is forced by his manager who is also his music master, a character I create, that no marriage for a few years is allowed for the chance. Considering this is the only chance in his life and his family economy condition is not good, so Liam chooses to leave Josie without replying Josie message because if he did it he would be too weak and say "Yes" to stay. He promises to his manager not to go back to the town in 10 years as long as the manager can make him a super start in this time, and the manager promises this)
    – Liam comes back hometown because of his old friend funeral. (I will make that Liam's manager retires and Liam complete the promise, preparing go back to the town to find Josie and his father that his old friend's death happens coincidentally)
    – Josie own the shop. (It is fine but I would make it that Liam's father owns that shop and let Josie work on it with paying rent, as a compensation for what his son did. But the money for buying the shop is from Liam, who I send money back for his father every month hoping this can make father's life better. This can bond Josie and Liam relationship)
    – Billy at 7 is too smart to know Liam is his father (I will make Billy is a big fan of Liam and she is happy to have Liam as his father. Liam's father told Billy the truth and Billy agrees to work with him making Josie and Liam together)
    – Liam leaving the town without saying anything to his father and his father did not tell him anything about Billy (I would make Liam leaving a letter to his father saying "Please do not find me. I will send money back to you later. Also, please help me to take care Josie. I forgive you to be a bad dad, but I won't if you do not help Josie when she is in need". Then he buys Josie the shop and show up this notice to Josie after Liam knowing Billy is his son that start up Josie's love to Liam)
    – Josie is too soft to Liam at the end of the first flower shop scene (My version would be Billy does not show up in the scene and Josie does not admit Billy is Liam's daughter because Josie is afraid that Liam will take Billy from her. But Liam find out Billy is his daughter by meeting and talking with Billy on street and Liam's father show up in this scene later so Liam can argue with him. Then Liam go to find Josie and ask for more time with Billy, Josie just allow a meal time for Liam to meet Billy and then Liam needs to leave the town. In the meal Billy pretended do not know Liam is father but find it out in conversation that make Josie has no way to stop anymore interaction between Liam and Billy. With the letter given by Liam's father as I create above Josie open her mind to Liam)
    – When Liam told Billy the reason he left Josie, the reason is not touching enough with "I was lost"……… (My version would be after Josie knows Billy can play guitar then Josie realizes Billy deliberately makes chance to Liam and Josie. Then Josie knows all the truth by asking Billy including how Billy knows Liam is his father. Then Josie ask Billy to make Liam tells her why Liam left the town and Josie hide behind to eavesdrop on that. Liam told Billy the truth as I says above instead of "I was lost", with some more words like "The day should be my happiest day of my life but suddenly it turns out to be the most heat-breaking day", "I do not tell the truth because the decision is mine and I have only myself to blame", "Josie deserve a chance to find another much better than me, although I still loves her much". Then Billy is so proud of his father and Josie really fall in love to Liam again then go on a date with him. In that date, they shares what Billy and Liam's father did for them and share their life in the last 8 years)
    – It is too weird that Liam becomes a dummy when he sees Billy chokes (I would turn it likes one day when Liam collect Billy from school, paparazzi come and makes Billy do not what to do. When she run across the road to escape, a car almost crash her but he still fall down and get injured, being sent to hospital. When Josie comes to hospital, the TV broadcast about this news make her feel much pressure but she does not blame Liam. However Liam thinks Josie and Billy deserve a normal life and leave the town again. Finally after lesson by his colleagues, Liam realizes that he should not handle problem only by his myself in his own way like before, he should work with Josie and Billy to face every problem in life and that is what family is about. Then everything follows the original story to the end)

    I just want to make Liam a more responsible, well-formed man but always face the problem in his own way, thinking it is better for other people but the outcome is not. Liam's father is a good father and care about Liam so much, but he does not show it up and just do the good things behind. Billy acts more deliberately to make Liam and Josie together. Josie should be harder to Liam at the beginning in surface so in this way she can hide her love to Liam, and she has no need to hide when she knows the truth behind.

  5. Girl,u r lucky…me,i never get a chance to see my dad and now he s gone forever…i wish i were u..i would have been happy like u😪..this movie says alot about me…cried alot watchin it…

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