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Official “Porto” Movie Trailer | Subscribe ➤ | Lucie Lucas Movie #Trailer | Release: TBA 2017 |
Jake and Mati are two outsiders in the northerly Portuguese city of Porto who once experienced a brief connection. A mystery remains about the moments they shared, and in searching through memories, they relive the depths of a night uninhibited by the consequences of time.

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#Porto is a new movie by Gabe Klinger, starring Lucie Lucas, Anton Yelchin and Chantal Akerman.

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  1. I saw him at Century City mall one time… he seemed like a nice guy. He always kind of had a sad look in his eyes… wish he didn't have to die so soon and in an odd accident. RIP. All the nice people died in 2016 didn't they. Well, hoping for a better year in 2017. More peace and love.

  2. And that weird club 27 stuff (including Amy Winehouse's death). Is there some darker stuff going on? 🙁 how can those all be coincidences at age 27

  3. Had a cry again i know he was a stranger but he didn't feel like one and he deserved more and loosing someone you loved that much the cruelty of that on those who he was no stranger to. People are loosing people all over the world this is a glimpse at how we must live fully as he did and help people to prevent such losses from the world. i am so grateful to him. i just wish so much it wasn't so.

  4. Sad that such a nice guy was selected for the 27 Club. He was probably asked to pay-back his fame by participating in something dark that he refused. If you want to be rich & famous you have to pay the toll sooner or later. Seeing as they showed a whole scene, I don't think they had a lot of footage of him & cobbled this together. R.I.P.

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