Watch A Movie HD THE DANCER Official Trailer (2017) Lily-Rose Depp, Biograhy Movie HD

>>Watch THE DANCER Official Trailer (2017) Lily-Rose Depp, Biograhy Movie HD Here<<<

THE DANCER Official Trailer
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  1. why say anything about people u don't know lol like I hate that she's an actor cause her daddy was when people end up like that Im not going to lie it does annoy me since well lets face it it does give people them a little more advantage to get parts because it is who u know but Im not here to say stuff about people I have never meant after all how could I.

  2. I see a number of Russian bots are here taking a dump on Lily Rose because she's Johnny Depp's daughter. Don't fall prey to them. They are here just to cause dissention and make us fight with each other. We are better than that. Go see the movie with an open mind and then make an assessment. As far as I can see, she is a good actress and model and deserves to be able to live her life independent of any opinion you might have of her dad.

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