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>>Watch The Kindergarten Teacher | Official Trailer HD (2018) | Netflix Here<<<

When a Staten Island kindergarten teacher discovers what may be a gifted five year-old student in her class, she becomes fascinated and obsessed with the child—spiraling downward on a dangerous and desperate path in order to nurture his talent.

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The Kindergarten Teacher | Official Trailer HD (2018) | Netflix


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  1. I recommend watching the movie with out reading the description or trailer. I watched this movie in the point of view of the teacher. I did not watch neither the trailer or read the caption. When I watched the movie my point of view change dramatically to the teacher perception. I felt as if I was feeling what the teacher felt. To her (the teacher), this kid was unique type of child to her. She sees that the child has a gift that should be worked on and not left behind from the society we have now. It seem that she has an interest in poetry in which when the child stated that unique type of poetry she was very intrigued. This is where the relationship begin with her and the child. In her mind she feel that she is the doing right thing. She is doing what is not being done to kids with these gift. She doesn’t have any thoughts to abduct the child or nothing of that horror. She just feels that this child should be nursed for his amazing talent. Throughout the movie you see the teacher development towards the kid and what she does. In the end (SPOILER) of the movie when the child lock her in the room. You see the true potential of these unique child. He know what is happening and takes action. We can assume the child for some reason is more observant and very knowledgeable by his age. When he call 911. You can see that the teacher does not take action rather than help the child contact emergency. If you watched the movie in the point of view of the teacher. You would understand her action very clearly. Personally I feel that the trailer gives too much. This movie is amazing and it envíes a message that could be different for some type of people. The trailer is what make the movie sound horrible. But the movie itself is amazing well done. I urge Netflix to change the caption they have for this movie and not tell what IS going to happen rather than the viewer finding out what’s going to happening, it almost as if your taking suspense out the movie. I urge the writer to change the trailer if possible and show less of what the teacher is doing and show more about the point of view of the teacher. This movie is 5 star for me and the ending is very well done. I recommend again. If you guy recommend this movie to a friend or someone. Tell them not to watch the trailer or caption cause it ruins the suspense and the movie.

  2. Does she touch this poor boy because she is obsessed with him? I don't know reminds me of that ugly movie that shouldn't have been made silent house. If it's anything like this movie not a good movie

  3. They will keep making crap like this till the public is desensitized to it, and it will open the gateway for this to be the norm in reality. Mind control at its finest.

  4. I got pedophilia vibes from watching this. This is not okay is this what Hollywood wants the norm to be? Romantic Adult/Children relationships get the fuck out of here with that shit. You gon catch these hands for real if a teacher ever did that to my kid. I don’t care who they are.

  5. spoiler alert warning For everyone deterred to watch the movie because of the perceived pedophelia from the trailer and comments, I have watched it and do not believe that to be the case. The story is about a middle aged kindergarten teacher who is going through a midlife identity crisis. She discovers one of her students is a once in a generation savant in the discipline of poetry, which she happens to identify with as her own passion. This leads her on a path to go to any length to have the boy’s talent discovered, which ultimately crosses a line but not in a sexually inappropriate way. The film covers many themes but I believe the greatest one is the loss of curiosity and interest in physical art. It’s brilliant and the film ends with an understanding of each character, none of which are bad people, they’re just normal people, except the boy who is a genius.

  6. i loved the film. It shows how far she'll go for literature and art and thriving for the kids future like any teacher but of course she passes the limit but that's what makes it a great film.

  7. I can't believe how hard I cried on the end. It snatched my soul out of my body. It's true, every word of this script and the actress from the Secretary played the shit out of the Kindergarten teacher part. The boy was absolutely adorable. It would have been hard not to steal him! Parents and so many others ignore the spirit and talent in a child in the day to day routine. Like she said "they will crush him eventually, like the crushed her." This teacher lost herself trying to save this boy from spiritual neglect and the end made me cry so hard because I was that boy. What an incredible film about creative freedom and acknowledging it in a child before its lost forever.

  8. fyi, I watched the movie, it has nothing at all to do with pedophilia. It's about this woman that's obsessed with the child's talent for poetry. It doesn't make it any better, but the film doesn't say kidnapping children or pedophilia is okay, so stop try to make it about Hollywood trying to normalize that, because it just isn't. The movie and description of it acknowledges that she is OBSESSED. Even the trailer portrays it as creepy. Just watch the movie before you come to such extreme accusements.

  9. Just finished watching the movie. It’s not freaky at all. It’s just the instrumental music that makes it suspenseful. Other than that, the movie was okay. It’s just about a teacher who becomes obsess with one of her student articulate creative mind for poems and she goes out her way for this kid in a very strange way … etc ….. ENJOY the movie everyone.

  10. I just finished seeing this movie. I don't know if I found this sweet or creepy. It's sweet because she cared so much. Creepy because she cared so much. Hahaha I would beat her ass if this was my kid. Just saying.

  11. Omg all the people in the comments referring to this movie as borderline pedophilic are sick and such drama queens. Yes her character is wayyy out of line for kidnapping a child but theres nothing sexual about this movie at all. Obviously none of you have had a teacher/instructor who believed so much in you and your talents that they simply wanted to nurture it and help you thrive to success. Take a movie like Dangerous Minds for example. Michelle Pfeiffer's character saw so much potential in her students that shed do anything for them. No they weren't all genuises like this little boys character, but you get my point. This is a very extreme version and obviously its wrong to steal someones child lol but I think the directors take on the subject matter is brilliant. Watch the dang movie before making up ridiculous twisted synopsis's of it. smh

  12. Went into the movie cold expecting a sappy story about a kindergarten teacher teaching a student to persevere with their talent. (I'd only seem the poster and read a short synopsis.) Was pleasantly surprised at what I actually got.

  13. WATCH. THIS. MOVIE. Follow this woman and this child on this journey and embrace that unexpected jolt of devastation once the credits roll. It's quite a sting.

  14. Just finished this movie, and….WOW. It came with pretty much all of the emotions. And that ending…..omg, I was heartbroken for what Jimmy did, and bcuz of what he said in the police car as well.

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