Watch HD Movie Brain on Fire Trailer #1 (2017) Chloë Grace Moretz Drama Movie HD

>>Watch Brain on Fire Trailer #1 (2017) Chloë Grace Moretz Drama Movie HD Here<<<

Brain on Fire Trailer 1 (2017) Chloë Grace Moretz Drama Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Title: Brain on Fire
Release Date: 2017
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Jenny Slate, Richard Armitage, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tyler Perry, Thomas Mann


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  1. The form of encephalitis she suffered is what our dumb ancestors thought were "demonic possessions". Lol, now we know better. Possessions aren't real. Drop the fiction. Study up.

  2. Encephalities is a very sad illness, you feel out of this world at times, confused and unable to concentrade, very strong headaches. I know cause i been there. I can totally relate to this movie 😢

  3. I'm so happy a story like this is being told!! The world needs to understand what illness does, to their friends and family. Guess what – an incredibly similar illness exists, but instead of being rare, it's common. And yet no-one is talking about it. It's the most common disease you've never heard of, and it's also one of the most debilitating diseases on the planet. It's called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – otherwise known as M.E. (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but that's a terrible name). It robbed me of my life four years ago – I'm writing this from my bed where I've been lying all day, and I pray to God if he exists that our story gets similar attention soon.. Millions of lives are depending on this <3

  4. I don't understand the uproar. This is based on a true story – the woman it happened to was 21. Chloe is 20, playing a 21 year old. She doesn't look 12, she looks 20. You guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  5. You guys are unbelievable, not all 21 year old look like Kylie Jenner, saying she look 12 is a compliment bc in 9 years she will be 30 and look 21.. I think she played this role perfectly and was spot on with the seizures, the catatonic look, everything

  6. The movies is good people you all not looking at the big picture here. You are complaining about her age when it's not about her age cause it's happening to young and older people. My girlfriend is one of them and she is 40. We been going back and forth to the doctor and everything is showing up negative but she's having seizures, headaches not sleeping and ect. We came across this movie on Netflix and watched it. Everything that's happening to the girl in the movie is the same thing happening to my girlfriend so pray for these people and look at the bigger picture not the age or oh I thought I was was going to see a brain actually on fire smh

  7. Why are people shitting on her young appearance. She's 21 in the film. I'm 20, most 21 year olds in uni look that young because it is still young. How do you expect her to look 40?

  8. For those of you who are talking shit about Chloë Grace Moretz, about how she looks too young for this movie and how you don’t like the fact that there’s a little bit of romance in it.. she was 20 when she made this movie and she played as a 21 year old woman, so she was the perfect person to play this role. And there wasn’t a love of romance, but the boyfriend stayed with her through the entire thing. And lastly, this movie is based on a true story about a woman named Susannah Cahalan who went through this in real life. It was a fantastic movie and if you’re going to talk shit about it, don’t comment at all.

  9. I just watch the movie Brain on Fire on Netflix and now I'm here intrested to know more. Doctor Najjar is anwesome!👍 Is there any credit to the parents who also did not give up? They didn't accept anyone giving them an easy answer they continue asking for more! Having some kind of inside feeling that there was something else… there was still hope… Not giving up was key

    Acabo de ver la película Brain on Fire en Netflix y ahora estoy aquí interesado en saber más. ¡El doctor Najjar es increíble! 👍 ¿Hay algún crédito para los padres que tampoco se dieron por vencidos? No aceptaron a nadie dándoles una respuesta fácil ¡continúan pidiendo más! Tener algún tipo de sentimiento interior de que había algo más … todavía había esperanza … No rendirse era la clave

  10. Isn’t it funny that in the movie the character is 21, has a pretty big apartment in NEW YORK and a secure, well paid job at New York Post like what??? What 21 year old lives a life like that??

  11. How horrible your losing your mind, psychosis, hallucinations, great life dashed to pieces, but it’s gotta have a happy ending, and surprise,surprise it’s all just an infection, she is in fact not mentally ill, Bipolar , or Schizophrenic , a few antibiotics time off and she has perfect life back. It’s a real kick to the balls for people with real mental illnesses, maybe I just have a infection and my lifelong affliction will disappear like a bad dream, but as long as this one person has a happy ending, thats all that matters, who cares about all those individuals who actually have a mental illness, and there is no magic bullet cure to their suffering. Where all really starting to accept Mental illness, as this film shows, unless it’s actual mental illness which cannot be cured within 72 minutes, with a loyal boy friend, and family that never gives up, totally the experience suffers of real Mental illness experience every day of every minute of very second of their live. Great actors, great acting message kinda fucked up, and patronizingly well meaning.

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