Watch HD Movie DAREDEVIL Season 3 “Kingpin Suit” Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix TV Show HD

>>Watch DAREDEVIL Season 3 “Kingpin Suit” Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix TV Show HD Here<<<

DAREDEVIL Season 3 “Kingpin Suit” Trailer (NEW 2018) Netflix TV Show HD
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  1. So he is already beat down and bleeding profusely from the mouth in the TRAILER. How can anyone not realize how stupid this show is? DD is not known for taking massive beatings constantly, he is a super hero with super powers who should toy with all the martial arts guys he constantly fights. He just lets them smash his face in in this show. Its beyond annoying. Terrible writing, terrible lead, he is way too small, and so is Donofrio. Lame TV nonsense.

  2. Fisk knows! White satin suit? Fuck yeah!!!! NOOGAAAAAAAH!
    Y'all have not experienced shit until you have worn satin briefs. Greatest material to hug your nuts. Satin briefs are the ultimate sensual nut-huggers besides your mom.
    Keep them on while you are receiving a blowie/bj and your head will explode. Insist that she fondles your balls through the briefs. Pay her if you must. Threaten her family. Do whatever it takes.
    Satin underwear, fellas. Thank me later.
    NOTE: Not boxers. Not silk. They must be satin briefs. Have them custom-made if you cannot find them. No. Walmart, Costco and Target does not have. I checked.
    ATTENTION: Do NOT ever threaten anybody or their family.
    Just blackmail them.

  3. What did just happen? Im actually hyped. Me, a man of the mindset that superhero shows are bad. Never liked daredevil's, always watch them only when im out of good shows, but i have to say. I love the fact that matt has to decide between being a lawyer and a vigilante. The more he is daredevil, the less he is matt. Love the fact he is wounded, his body is suffering. And now he is throwing away his suit and glasses? Forced to sacrifice his persona just to keep fighting the good fight? Love it. And all this compared to Frisk who is living the life of luxury. Yea. Im gonna give it a go.

  4. Do you think they will show us how Matt loses his red sute and how he ended up in a comma, at the beginning of season 3. For people who only watch Daredevi. And have not seen the Defenders season 1.

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