Watch HD Movie HALLOWEEN Trailer #3 NEW (2018) Horror Movie HD

>>Watch HALLOWEEN Trailer #3 NEW (2018) Horror Movie HD Here<<<

HALLOWEEN Trailer #3 NEW (2018) Horror Movie HD

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  1. I hate fact that it seems like the frist one all over… he probably will kill her,but finish fighting her daughter till were somehow he falls off the house again…or at the end it turns out it was a copycater.micheal is still at large….or to make badass he is back but with friends….

  2. Fuck Jason,that silly creature with that hokey mask(very original hahaha) idiotic movie. HALLOWEEN started it all with those masks,and maybe not as brutal as the killings in Friday the 13th,there is that mystery around Michael Myers,the mask,the jump suit,the knife that makes him really spooky.

  3. Myers got baby hands… man all that power and telling me he doesn't have an equally strong
    Weiner? WHAT THE FUCK MAN! Thor has killed 22 people by his penis falling on them during rescues, accident of course! And now Myers has a 3 inch tool, a fucking MilliMeterPeter ! FUCKING absurd and not okay mother bitch!

  4. Kid: can you close the door?
    Babysitter: shoves door
    Michael: ow
    Babysitter: shoves door
    Michael: ow bitch I’m trying to hide here
    Babysitter: shoves door again
    Michael: mildly annoyed inhale ok so I wasn’t gonna kill you but you’re fucked now

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