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>>Watch LOGAN LUCKY | Official HD Trailer Here<<<

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See how the other half steals.
Watch the official trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s LOGAN LUCKY, in theaters this August.


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  1. I did not know that was Daniel Craig until after I watched the movie. Hilarious. Good acting. "I AM IN..CAR..CER…ATED!!"
    I admit, got it at the Red Box on a whim. Almost didn't finish it. The first twenty minutes were kinda slow, then it picked up. Good movie.😂🤣 You think they got away with it, then at the end Hillary Sawank shows up…PS I thought an Iraqi cut his arm off…

  2. Awful
    bwbrewster18 November 2017
    This was so boring, slow, and not funny. No laughs at their attempts to be funny. Just bad. I don't get how this has such high reviews. Don't waste your time. I kept thinking it would get better. Just as it started to pick up, it slows back down. Makes it painful to watch this so called 'heist' movie.

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