Watch HD Movie MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS Official Trailer # 2 (NEW, 2018) Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan Movie HD

>>Watch MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS Official Trailer # 2 (NEW, 2018) Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan Movie HD Here<<<

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS Official Trailer # 2 (NEW, 2018) Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan Movie HD
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  1. What I find so sad about Marys execution was her poor little dog was found quivering under her underskirt after she was beheaded then to make it worse when the headsman picked her head up. He grabbed it by what he thought was her hair to find it was a hairpiece and underneath it was pure white as her head thumped off the floor. A real tragic end.

  2. History has always been full inaccuracies, like the Duke of Edinburgh being linked and related to the Nazi party – it never told you that in the history books,
    British history tells you what they want you to hear and not the actual truth and always has done and in particular paints the British(English) as holier than thou

  3. I'm a huge Elizabethan era fan and it bothers me that nobody did there research when making this film. Mary lived in France most of her life so she would've had a French accent not Scottish, Elizabeth and Mary never met in real life and the costumes aren't even historically correct.

  4. It's a movie ! Not a history class! – that's why movies are so good! We get to see fictional adaptations of events based on history… MOVIE!!!

  5. People watch these movies because they want to get an accurate idea and imagine how things really were to get perspective. They completely rewrite history and it makes it so unenjoyable to watch. To know that makers of film didn't care to do ANY research is a HUGE turn off. I love margot robbie but the worst choice for queen elizabeth… and Saoirse is irish… not scottish…. also mary and elizabeth were tall striking women… and like everyone else is saying.. they never met… I wanted to like it, but from what i see so far… I dont…

  6. she was more french than scottish. and she didnt have red hair. and this movie is going to be an abortion. but! i hope it at least turns some young people on to history the way kirsten dunce in Marie Antoinette tried to do

  7. I'm less concerned by the black European nobles than I am by the fact that the portrayal of Mary seems to be incredibly one dimensional. It white-washes her character, and seems to ignore her many mistakes, and omits all mention of the many plots she was involved in to have Elizabeth assassinated, prior to her own execution.

  8. Mary caused her own downfall. Even if she did have a claim to the English crown there's absolutely no way that she could have ruled England the way Elizabeth did since she couldn't even keep Scotland under control.

  9. Mary had a stronger claim to the throne because King Henry’s sister is Mary’s grandma. Some thought because Elizabeth was illegitimate by her dad marry several others after her.

  10. Hmm, so Mary Queen of Scots is now an independent strong woman trying to make her way in the world, and John Knox is a sexist who doesn't like her because ew woman monarch?

  11. I'm so happy that Margot is finally getting roles where she doesn't have to act just sexy. not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just more exciting to see her spread her wings and do different types of characters. I'm so happy I, Tonya did well so she could try more things, not just show her body

  12. This trailer is better than the first one i going to see this movie i don't care is inacurate because i already read the stefan zweig book about Mary so people should read a book and not get historical facts in maybe two hours of movie .

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