Watch HD Movie POPE FRANCIS – A MAN OF HIS WORD – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters May 18

>>Watch POPE FRANCIS – A MAN OF HIS WORD – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters May 18 Here<<<

Watch the official trailer for Wim Wenders’ new film, Pope Francis – A Man of His Word.

“Pope Francis – A Man of His Word,” is intended to be a personal journey with Pope Francis, rather than a biographical documentary about him. The pope’s ideas and his message are central to this documentary, which sets out to present his work of reform and his answers to today’s global questions. From his deep concern for the poor and wealth inequality, to his involvement in environmental issues and social justice, Pope Francis engages the audience face-to-face and calls for peace.


Watch Here

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  1. His papacy , hi papa marvelous . what all be the count of goodness around us , humanity is the most great wonder , The eclipse of humanity .The art of touching millions who starve in thoughts . Your presence is a blessing for millions aside of your decisions. Regards in belief laws faithfully NITHIN…

  2. Literally every comment in the first 5 scrolls down are anti-pope #why
    God bless Pope Francis

    Also, this makes it sound like Pope Francis has been the only good pope the church has had, which is certainly not the case

  3. I find it funny even in a trailer "No man can serve 2 masters, we either serve god or we serve money" Has it ever occurred that money is the new representation of god. Corporation the new demi gods. How so you say. In the time of Pieces god was represented as a fish Jesus literally means A Man about a fish. Now that we have entered the time of Aquarius it is about water. Money is current-cy, liquidity, cash FLOW and ever other term one uses to describe money which has it origins back with water. The law of water maratime law or corporation law same same. You put money in the BANK which is on either side of the river. Or is it he is putting it out there change is on the way. This is no mistake and by design.

  4. Pope Francis, a real pig. A heretic spreading his non-gospel to the world, condemning the USA(Fuck you Pope) and who accepts every form of perversion known, especially homosexuality> I wouldn't doubt if this inbred fuck was a homo himself. Fuck you Pope, fuck catholocism, fuck all the phony Christians. I know real Christianity when I see it, none of you are real, you're all heretics. Burn in hell, I'll be there too, but not for the same reason as you, I don't lie about Christ, I don't claim to be the ONLY person who knows the right way to heaven, the Bible is the ONLY authority on that subject and last time I looked, it said clearly, to simply believe on Jesus, accept Him and you will be saved, I read nothing about a Pope, more wicked teaching from the damned Catholic church. Enjoy hell, because if you follow this stupid ass, you'll be there too. Me? I'm not happy with God, He allows dumb shits like you to preach heresy, so I chose to not care anymore. Fucking catholic perverts!

  5. disgusting, a paedophile organisation and they have the galls to mention human rights in this trailer? A church that hates women and gays and people out of wedlock and more. If i woke up a believer id never associate that with any Christian or Islamic or whatever, faith. They are disgusting paedo cults.

  6. Quanta intolerância pode-se ler nos comentários aqui. Todos se acham melhores do que os outros, se dizem salvos etc e não veem em um homem que tem a coragem de dizer verdades incômodas como um grande personagem do século XXI. O papa não é Deus como muitos desinformados aqui escreveram, porém foi colocado à frente da Igreja na pessoa de Pedro, o primeiro papa, para guiar a igreja cristã nascente e esta tradição segue até hoje, graças a Deus, com o Papa Francisco.

  7. What a load of utter horseshit, opens up what? Did he open up the secret Vatican archives? What about the location of all the repeated child rapist that he protects? You have to be deluded to believe this shit. Pope deserves to be in prison or a mental asylum.

  8. May God forgive me if I'm wrong but I do not like or even trust this Man who is suppost to be the Holiest man on Earth, the pope Francis. He Will bring All the religion's together and blashphimise the word of God. He will bring also the New World Order. Its all part of a plan. All coming together as One!! One Religion, One NWO, just think and watch/listen carefully. I cannot believe he made a Movie, has a Twitter account etc.. He'll be coming to my country Ireland and I can honestly say I Will definitely Not be seen him! Also why does The Pope Bow down & kiss the hands of the elites!? It's on here himself and the Rothschild's. Don't be deceived in these times always listen closely and use the intuition that we all have. May God help us all in these times!

  9. that's not what Pope John Paul 11 taught when he came to the United States, and it certainly wasn't what Jesus taught as recorded in the Gospel; and why is the Virgini Mary warning about souls going to hell. Listen little kid I have been hearing these theological opinions my whole life, I was in San Antonio as a college student, when Pope John Paul11 Refuted that particular hearesie. Your position is not new, but you might be condemned to hell, If you don't find the truth of CHRIST's teaching.

  10. O' you apostate of the holy Church, woe unto you, you serpents tongue. For the prophecy of St.Malachy is clear, and is coming to pass as we speak. Repent, for the day of our Lord is at hand and the Anti-Christ, the false Jew; walks among us today. Woe, unto all who refuse the gospel of truth, for your time is short and your souls are damned without the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. For the Church of Christ has become a whore to devils and demons, worshipers of false Gods and graven images, for we are not to mingle with those who are to receive the eternal damnation of the lake of fire. For like the pig that was slaughtered in the second Temple, so now the current church must be destroyed; because of the defilement of our Holy Church by the Apostate popes. For you O' Apostate peter of Rome (false Peter), have defiled the Church of Christ as a whore defiles her body! Woe unto you, you so called saint, John Paul 2nd, for you started the heresy of the international prayer of Assisi. For there is nothing holy about you! O' my brothers and sisters, do not fall to the way side of the great Apostasy, that is occurring not only in the true church but in the non Catholic Churches as well. Pick up your cross and deny thyself and follow the living Christ, for the day of our Lords return is soon; and coming like a thief in the night! I pray for my soul and for yours, not to be caught up in the great Apostasy for those who take the mark of the beast, shall surely taste the judgement of God the Father; by the judgement of Christ our Lord. Amen!

  11. Vicarius filing dei is his title on his hat.. in Latin every word has a numerical value and vicarius fill dei equals 666 if you add the Roman numerals together. Chhers

  12. "But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. 9And do not call anyone on earth your father, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. 10Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Christ.": Matthew 23:9

  13. Alright listen to me Christards : this man is truly a good man, carrying his message with generosity, kindness, hope and selflessness

    Your fucking retarded theories about him being the Antichrist or false prophet, who the fuck cares, same shit, show your narrow mindedness and the true state of fanatism you’re stuck with. I’m guessing most of you guys are Americans, no other educated country in the world could be such an idiot-factory.

    You show the deep division among the Christians worldwide, you show that Christianity can be sometimes as stupid and false as Islam is, sometimes too. You know, we’re talking about the religion you hate.

    And if you really believe that by the end of the century we’ll be worshipping Satan, God is probably ashamed of you lmao

  14. It is time for a new Tridentine Catholic Church. It must be organizationally completely separate from the Roman Church. since the 2nd Vatican Council of the evil perverse sodomist Pope Paul VI The Roman Church is just a network of evil child molesters and Freemasons. Since the majority of today's cardinals are Freemasons and child molesters, a resignation of the Antichrist Pope Francis does not bring any improvement. The Pius Brotherhood offers the organisational prerequisites for a true catholic churc. Since the priests are ordained according to the old rules, they are in the necessary apostolic succession. we must now perform the schism and proclaim a new patriarch of the Occident. all prophecies say that Pope Francis is the last Pope and Rome is destroyed by the wrath of God


  16. This man has written a defense pamphlet for a peodopile Argentine priest who raped handicapped children in an orphanage. His defense. The children had imagined it all. Afterwards e denied it and lied about it. The man is an insult and a disgrace to every catholic

  17. THIS MAN DEFIES THE LORD JESUS CHRIST…..he goes against everything the bible says… the number one red flag for the blind people that worship this man to see is that they worship and pray to Mary not Jesus Christ !!their church is nothing but filled with idols and satanic worship clearly

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