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  1. Those who read — LEAD! ONE in 36 boys can no longer read, due to mandatory vaccinations. By 2020, women will rule the world, as most men will be autistic zombies.

  2. Why would anyone protest a bookshop especially those old fuddy-duddies? as if an art centre is a million miles away from a bookshop. I could understand it if it was something completely parallel to what these busybodies are used to in these types of hoity-toity towns. In the normal world, the bookshop and the art centre theme would combine and have nights where they showcased art to maximize profits. The script is cliche af and it doesn't make it an intelligent film because you use toffs voices, piano music and books, without using any common sense.

  3. I really liked it! At first I thought it was going to be an insipid film at how great it is to be quirky, bookish and innately British. Wrong. It's a story about the lengths of people's odiousness and manipulation to drag you down on your feet and isolate you till you can no longer defend yourself.

    This trailer itself is very misleading!

  4. I really struggled with this film. I found quite a lot of the acting to be very forced and I felt the need to cringe for them on several occasions. The editing also seemed problematic, it dragged in places and was unnecessarily choppy in others. Not a huge fan. Also, considering this is set in the 1950's I found the BRAND NEW penguin clothbound classics which were used in virtually every scene to be really distracting.

  5. Can anyone tell me what everyone's problem with the main character is? After watching the film I couldn't figure it out. It doesn't seem it's the book shop that they have a problem with so much as the woman herself

  6. The trailer makes this look like it's going to be a feel-good period piece where the meanies grow a golden heart in the end. It's a much more substantial story and the film epitomizes CONFIDENT directing and dedicated performances. Splendid cast delivers in spades. i saw this two hours ago and I'm still in a mood. Astonishing storytelling, now I want to read the book.

  7. Waaay too much silly melodrama about a bookshop. The writer really couldn't come up with a better plot than a good, young, attractive woman wants to open a bookshop and an old, evil, bitter woman wants to shut it down? Good Lord. And it's not even very well written. "Where there's life, there's hope." "God, what a horrifying thought." Which no doubt will get a laugh, and was meant to get a laugh, but why? What's horrifying about "where there's hope, there's life"? Is life a bad thing? Is hope a bad thing? Is it funny just because Nighy plays a sour old man and he said something sour, even if it doesn't make any sense? Should we be bothered that Mortimer's line is irrelevant and that it could be replaced with any positive aphorism? How about… "It's always darkest before the storm." "God, what a horrifying thought." Or… "Success is falling down nine times and getting up ten." "God, what a horrifying thought." The rest of the trailer is the same: not an interesting line of dialog anywhere. Just characters saying perfunctory things that people should say in a silly melodrama about a bookshop.

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