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Discover the true story of how Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” and created a holiday tradition.

THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS, starring Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer and Jonathan Pryce, now playing!


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  1. I am very annoyed with reading the bullshit that it was the king who brought Christmas back to Britain after Cromwell had originally banned it, when it was my famous ancestor William Winstanley who is the reason that we have Christmas in Britain today, and it is said that a Christmas Carol was based on my families illegal,Christmas celebrations that used to last for 12 days, this is where the 12 days of Christmas comes from also, its also very possible that Charles Dickens was a friend of William Winstanley who was already a friend of the king at this time, also from this Washington Irving I believe the gentleman’s name was who came to Winstanley’s and then introduced Christmas to America, read William Winstanley and the man who saved Christmas if you want to know the truth, Winstanley at this time was a very famous English poet and it was because of him pamphlets etc and him lobbying the king that we still have Christmas in Britain after Cromwell had banned it.

  2. I watched this movie with low expections. Accustomed to Hollywood bastardisation of classic tales, over-use of CGI and explosions, bad language and sex thrown into every storyline as if the viewer is unable to concentrate for more than ten minutes without their inclusion.
    I expected to be bored by the predictable plot and storyline, to be restless after half and hour, hoping for a speedy resolution to a dissatisfactory experience.
    How pleasant a surprise! What a pleasure so unprepared for! What sensitivity and nuance! What examination of character, motive and historial context! What superb performances from seemingly small parts! Seldom has a film so captivated, held and impacted me in recent years!
    The character of Dickens is shown as the flawed and tortured genius he truly was. Tortured by demons, the moral and social climate surrounding him and polluting his personal history.
    One is able to perceive his personality, fears, anguishes and musings and how they were reflected in his characters and writings. One is able to sense the peculiar circumstances that brought about the writing of this particular masterpiece, the confluence of the terrestial forces and constellations, the serendipity and the gods. One is able to see the resemblances between Dicken' time and now and how the philosophies of those in power shaped society then as now. How difficult it was then for the man of morals to survive and thrive, to be charitable and responsible, to love, cherish and be successful. In Dickens those of us that have not killed the child in us or the love in our hearts find a mirror, a point of resonance, an empathetic soul.
    The film will satisy the lover of Victoriana in all its hope, magnificence, squalor and callousness.
    Dickens superhuman work capacity that brought about a world-changing novel in a few weeks despite the distractions of family, financial and family stresses, business challenges, weighty responsibilities, and the burdens of his varied fears and the expectations of others is beautifully brought home. One can understand how he burned his life force out prematurely when measured chronologically, but well past the sellby date qualitatively.
    The film incorporates some heavyweight British thesbian performances but the one that will touch your heartstrings the most will probably come from the actor you have probably never heard of….an unexpected expectation I will not spoil for you.
    Bring your hankies/disposable tissues along with your heart and open mind, and bathe in this, dare I say it….masterpiece!!!

  3. Christmas has roots in so many spiritistic and pagan practices dating back to Babylon… look carefully enough – you will know the True Origins of Christmas 🙁 Not such a good idea if you are honest with yourself. and…no where in the story of Jesus, is Christmas even considered. In fact, Early Christians abstained from such practices! This is all hogwash and evil.

  4. They been lying to us research to true origin of x-mas Jesus wasn't even born during the winter solstice he was born in the spring xmas is all about consuming and economic wealth for the rich getting rich! Show me in the bible it says he was born in the winter..I''ll wait …They know 80% of the population is sheeple man made holiday but off course ppl just love to stay entertained instead of knowing wicked agenda's. Old saint nick is nothing but the devil that's what he was called back in the day when xmas was a banned holiday dont' be deceived ppl !

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