Watch HD Movie THE PREDATOR Final Trailer (NEW 2018) Action Movie HD

>>Watch THE PREDATOR Final Trailer (NEW 2018) Action Movie HD Here<<<

THE PREDATOR Final Trailer (NEW 2018) Action Movie HD
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  1. Fuck this trailer was awesome

    Sidenote; I hope this isn't some last-ditch effort to squeeze out an action movie before the year ends and actually sets up future titles :/

  2. too much on screen time and they seem to be going with LOTS OF ACTION..LOTS OF HUUUUUUUUUUUGE ALIEN ACTION…i dunno..i'll watch it but not expecting better than the original.

  3. It would be nice if they actually manage to redeem the Predator movies with this one. There hasn't been a good one since Predator 2. I guess it doesn't help that Arnold hasn't been in any besides the first one. xD

  4. Let's see another ship that crashes, been there done that. But this time it's an autism child that crashes it. Looks to have way too much comedy. I'm a huge Predator fan but these films keep disappointing one after the other! Maybe if they used some of the great comic stories they could make a great movie!!!!

  5. It's clearly geared toward kids, to sell action figures and mock-ups of predator's equipment. And it looks like they are trying to turn Predator into Suicide Squad. Sadly.

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