Watch HD Movie X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Trailer (2019)

>>Watch X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Trailer (2019) Here<<<

Here is the first trailer for Dark Phoenix

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  1. I was hoping they introduce MR Sinister as main villain and Gambit with Quicksilver and Magneto angle not Mystique taking prime role replacing Wolverine ..but I do like the new Magneto and Xavier ..still I will watch eventho they sucker punched the comics version ..

  2. They might as well made it a Bromance between charles and magneto…. the whole Jennifer Lawrence propaganda has long gone old. This Jennifer girl needs CHEEK IMPLANTS and a nose job, if she is to play MYSTIQUE. There is absolutely nothing mystical about this Jennifer… I manage to not hate her on the last xmen films, she is bearable, but her hair in this new flick just makes her looks so ridiculous. AS FOR the phoenix…Americans are so sick of themselves, any BRITISH actress would be fine to play Jean Grey. i may still watch though…. its still the XMEN.

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