Watch HD Tv Online Free Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp – Official Trailer #1

>>Watch Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp – Official Trailer #1 Here<<<

Real heroes. Not actual size. Watch the brand-new trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp. In theaters July 6th. ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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  1. this mess is gonna bomb! Noone even knew who Ant Man was until he suddenly appeared in Avengers. Now they trying to bring him and wasp into mainsteam with a sexy female? LOL. Thumb it down all you want..this will be the lowest grossing Marvel movie to date. Comics don't make heroes in movies….Writers that make PERSONALITIES ON SCREEN make the people we wanna see.

  2. Avengers infinity wars was great but really overlooked 2 deaths in the start that should have had more emotion around them. Heimdall and Loki should have been given more feeling to it. Heimdall for sure and ofc Loki. Everyone is going apes over spidey scene were to me it was too hyped up for 1 character and not the others, Besides those that faded I assume they are in the soul stone.

  3. I just watched Ant Man & The Wasp for the 1st time today (took me 2 Months to watch it), I thought that it had a lot of Action and a bunch of Hilarious bits in the Movie

    Here are my thoughts and Opinions on the Movie: 1. So this is what Scott was up doing after Violating the Accords and when all the Avengers were either fighting up in Space or battling it out in Wakanda and explains why he wasn't there.
    2. It should've had a follow up like with Peter with Spiderman Homecoming, with Clint & Wanda having Cameo Appearances recruiting Scott to come to Germany to fight alongside Cap and what happened after getting out of the Raft. also Hope & Hank watching it all on TV and then they react and have to pack everything up and go on the Run.
    3. Seeing Bill Foster (aka Goliath) in this Movie, I was hoping that a Giant Fight between Scott & Bill was gonna Occur.
    4. Its nice to see Paxton be all Buddy-Buddy with Scott instead of him being all Hostile towards him like in the 1st Movie.
    5. It was nice to see Hope & Cassie to interact with each other at the end (not what I was expecting but its close enough). If a 3rd Ant Man happens in Phase 4, I hope they bond more like Hope takes Cassie under her Wing and trains her in Martial Arts.
    6. It was Awesome to see Hope finally become a Superhero, she's got some Amazing Moves. If she was in Civil War, I would've loved to see her fight against Natasha, I mean Black Widow vs The Wasp. But in Avengers 4, I wonder if she'll team up with her, Wanda and Gamora. ?
    7. It was sweet that Hank & Hope finally reunited with Janet after 30 Years, too bad it was short lived due to Thanos activating the Infinity Gauntlet. I wonder how this will tie in to Avengers 4 and I hope Hank & Janet aren't gone for Good.

  4. Omg i just watch ant man and the wasp i wasnt even intrested watching the trailer when it first came out i thougth it was gonna be so trash but my friend were talkin about this movie i watched and it was so good especially the wasp shes so hot

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