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>>Watch Oddball (2015) Trailer [HD] Here<<<

Oddball. In cinemas September 17 2015.

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The true story about an eccentric chicken farmer (Shane Jacobson) who, with the help of his granddaughter, trains his mischievous dog Oddball to protect a wild penguin sanctuary from fox attacks and in the process tries to reunite his family and save their seaside town.

The cast of Oddball includes Shane Jacobson, Sarah Snook, nine-year-old Coco Jack Gillies (who also had a role in Mad Max: Fury Road), Offspring’s Richard Davies and funny men Dave Lawson and Frank Woodley.


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  1. Looks fantastic because it's based off a true story and they always interest me, now mostly animal movies aren't funny at all or heartfelt depending on films, but this one looks like it will have a lot of those elements but in a really funny, really emotional way, wonder when this will come out in the UK?, might check it out.

  2. When I saw this I was like My dog (exactly like oddball! so cute) he could be like oddball by protecting penguins and then I realise there's no penguins in Australia. presides zoo's and all. But this was a funny film…and sad. But I think this is one of the saddest dog movie's ever. I don't really like Red Dog or Marley and me but this one I do. I play this movie every night and sleep halfway through it sometimes. But I love this. 🙂

  3. I live in Warrnambool…this movie is geographically and mentally incorrect. It was mostly filmed in Williamstown, Coffs Harbour, not even anywhere near Warrnambool. Sorry, but it's the truth, and how the council completely hates Swampy's guts…sorry, but it's true.

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