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“Jen (Matilda Lutz), arrives at a remote desert villa with her millionaire Adonis boy toy (Kevin Jannsens) for a weekend of romantic (and illicit) frivolity. Things go south quickly when her lover’s unseemly hunting pals (Vincent Colombe and Guillaume Bouchède) show up and make inappropriate advances that escalate into an outright assault. The men quickly try to sweep their attack under the rug, but Jen won’t have it and, well… hell hath no fury…”

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  1. The trailer seems off. First half shows her to be this seemingly privileged wild slutty party girl. The last half then shows her as like this crazy ex-girlfriend on a rampage to kill off all of those men that kind of discarded her like some white trash bitch. Such trauma could easily turn somebody into a super-skilled survivalist-type kind of person? Hmmm…

  2. Great movie. Its different than i spit on your grave (ive basically seen like all the movies from this genre and all 3 i spit on your grave movies)

  3. I would've never guessed it's a female filmmaker, with all the male gaze-y bullshit… I thought it was ironical in the beginning and would turn into something else but nope… The revenge was WEAK too. It felt like they didn't want the men to be tortured too much but still wanted to convince the audience that really, they suffered just as much as Jen. Ugh… I will never support I Spit on Your Grave BUT atleast it got the revenge part right. Matilda was wasted in this.

  4. Aww c'mon! As much as this movie was entertaining to a certain extent, it was bullshit. We know better than that by this time and age. She should have died from the injury, if not then from all the bleeding, if not then from removing the stump she was skewered with. Then she is faster than a Range Rover on foot running on jagged stones and rocks and terrain??? Not even a little back story if she had gun training and here she is using a high powered rifle with accuracy and knows how to engage in tactical warfare.From a party girl she transforms into G.I Jane??? All that bleeding and he doesn't pass out? This movie was more like Universal Soldier 6. But she is hot as …..

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