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>>Watch ROMA | Teaser Trailer [HD] | Netflix Here<<<

Time and Space constrain us, but they also define who we are, creating inexplicable bonds with the others that flow with us at the same time and through the same places. ROMA


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ROMA | Teaser Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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  1. Can we please have more trailers like this? I have "no idea" whats this movie about, but it is served so well…I just cant help myself and must see it…not like every second trailer telling you whole story in 3 mins…And hey…the music is fukin masterpiece! Instant classic if you ask me…

  2. Es completamente mexicana y podría competir por el Oscar a mejor película de habla no inglesa? Porque sí es así podría ser la primera película mexicana en ganarlo, sobre todo por ser de Cuarón.

  3. Trailers rarely tease me.
    This one does.

    I want to know what Cleo is doing. Thinking.
    Seems not to be the talking kind.

    The way left to find out is to look at her. See thru her into her world. In the then, yet now.

    The photography. The pictures. The restraint.
    A camera that is patient enough to hold that frame. That thought.
    Grants pause to see what's happening in it.
    Allows imagining what’s happening – and what’s not – beyond it.

    One could see the movie in the morning. Then get out. Walk those same streets.
    Waiting for echoes perhaps. By projecting sounds just heard onto those same, shaken walls.
    Bricks that listened to them then. Cracks that swallowed them first. Five decades – or so – ago. Now spilling back from yonder onto the streets and into the minds. Reverberating afresh through Cuaróns’ “Roma". To remind us just in time what was then and could be soon anew. With Vigor. With Verve. With destruction challenging the illusion of quaint bliss. Once the thin lid of recent hope unravels, lifts off. Just to unveil pent-up, rumbling bubbling unease and frustration beneath blithely superficiality; bereft of resolve, exacerbated by empty promise.

  4. B/W does not automatically makes a film "great". This is pro-open borders propaganda with the usual Jesuits sponsoring form "behind the scenes". The appropriate End of An Era both in Hollywood and the Venice Film Festival…

  5. saw this film at the NYFF and can easily say this is the best picture of the year. if you can, PLEASE see it on the big screen. it deserves the IMAX 70MM dunkirk treatment!

  6. THANK YOU for taking a Theatrical Release risk on this one Netflix! I can’t wait to see this in 70mm projection in an actual theater! and I’ll still watch it again on VOD! Viva el Cine!

  7. I already had the opportunity to watch this movie at the zurich film festival. That is one of the best pictures ever made, if you have the possibility, go the the theater for the ultimate experience. You won’t regret it!

  8. DO NOT watch this on Netflix! It needs to be seen and heard on the WIDEST screen possible…. it's an experience.
    I remember the scene of the waves…. omg…. what an experience!
    this cinematography is to be seen on a theater.

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