Watch HD Tv Online Free The Last: Naruto the Movie Official US Release Trailer (2015) – Anime Action Adventure HD

>>Watch The Last: Naruto the Movie Official US Release Trailer (2015) – Anime Action Adventure HD Here<<<

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The Last: Naruto the Movie Official US Release Trailer (2015) – Anime Action Adventure HD

Hyuuga Hanabi, the younger sister of Hyuuga Hinata is kidnapped by the alien Ootsutsuki Toneri, and a disheartened Uzumaki Naruto must put himself together to help his new found love save her younger sister. Naruto’s abilities are put to the test when he loses his most powerful form – the Sage of Six Paths cloak.

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  1. People are complaining about why it says "Naruto – Comes to a conclusion." because "Naruto didn't end" and they don't want it to end. First, Naruto did end because Boruto is his son and it doesn't revolve around Naruto anymore. Secondly, everything comes to an end. If the show went on forever either you would die missing episodes. I'd rather have it end before I die so I get to know what happens. But even when Naruto and Boruto ends it will never be forgotten until wayy later times.

  2. Before I watched the movie, I thought it'd become a very satisfying ending for this amazing anime/manga.
    But OH BOI, I was wrong!
    SPOILERS ( Even though practically everyone has already seen it )

    The movie is mostly about a scarf we've never seen, naruhina and..well..that's it.
    Even one of the main characters only gets 5 seconds of screentime. This isn't action, it's romantic drama!

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