Watch HD Tv Online Free The Ritual | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

>>Watch The Ritual | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix Here<<<

A NETFLIX FILM. The deeper you go, the scarier it becomes.


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The Ritual | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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  1. STOP HERE: Do yourself a favor, don't watch the trailer. Just watch it.

    Now that I have watched it, I can say that this trailer ruins a lot of the suspense.

  2. spoiler

    An ancient being from the Norse mythology stalking the woods, how cool isn't that? It reminded me of a leshen before getting a full look at it. Always been fascinated by these types of old forest beings/watchers. Great movie.

  3. It's been known since the golden age of the American Frontiers, the English man arrived to the Americas, conquering the land, exploring the great west, had faced many strange paranormal events along the way. This is one such, The New Jersey Devil. The early westerners feared the forests of New Jersey because of this creature. Now in the modern times, a new generation of European hikers face the same horror as their predecessors did 250 years ago. They will fight for their survival in this mysterious land the Europeans once braved and to discover the dark secrets created by the wrongs of the past. Will they come to the end of this spiraling madness and face the light of new day, or would they be sacrificed for the bad blood of the old?

    P.S I wrote this as I felt it makes the plot more interesting, when considering the myths surrounding the old frontiers of America.

  4. Do yourselves a big ol solid and watch Netty original CALIBRE. 2 mates deer hunting and the anxiety building shit fest that transpires. Set in Scotland Highlands. Put english sibtitles on though as the accents are fairly broad and you don't wanna miss any dialogue at all

  5. Where most horror movies nowadays are made as "startle-fests", with load noises and an over saturation of jump scares coupled with a non-compelling story, The Ritual seems like a properly distilled horror movie, with a compelling story/plot, lifelike characters and one of the best modern monster designs of the century.


    Please give this a watch, it's a return to actual horror… not synthetic scares and mediocre writing.

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