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The Second Coming Of Christ Movie HDTrailer (2018) , produced by Flawless Production , The FIlm Brewrery and 7 Heaven Productions , starring Diana Angelson (The Impaler, Armenia My Love), Jason London (know for Dazed and Confused), Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) , Natalie Burn (Expendables 3), Al Sapienza (Sopranos, House Of Cards), Tom Sizemore (Golden Globe nominee, known for Saving Private Ryan), Meredith Salenger (The Journey) , Sally Kirkland (Oscar nominee, known for JFK , Bruce Almighty) , Vincent RIvera , Jessica Zhou, Jason Tobias, Maria Julieta Georoiu , Les Brandt .


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  1. God manifest in the flesh and he is the only ONE TRUE GOD! GOD SAID NO OTHER GOD EXCEPT ME ! HE IS THE ALPHA AND OMEGA..JEHOVA YAWEH! JUST UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE BIBLE AND DONT SKIP ANY BOOK CHAPTER VERSES…..bow…. whos that muslim hahhaahahhaa you want bible verses? I include ismael..OH IM sorry friend.. but you have a chance TO BE SAVE

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  3. Yes the second coming of Jesus to end Christian people life and I'm happy with that

    Don't against me aslong you doesn't have any evidence about Jesus calling him self god 😂 even till the judgement day Christian will never found that evidence cuz it's doesn't exist 😂

  4. Everyone wants to say Christ had no color, Christ looks middle eastern but yet everyone believes that he looks white.
    You people are all deceived. And for that you will all be sore. Christ is black with white wooly hair. The Israelites(the real Jews) ARE the blacks, native Americans and Hispanics who were sold into slavery. If you are not one of these people you are NATURAL GENTILES.

    Revelation 1:1-15
    Daniel 10:6
    Matthew 7:22-23
    JEREMIAH 16:19

    The kingdom of heaven is only for the Israelites.

    Revelation 21:12

    Everyone will be met with sore bitterness in the end because you chose to believe a lie.

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